Bending Reality TV Crazy Weird Stuff - December 14, 2020
Published: December 15, 2020
Updated: June 20, 2021

Michael Stephens Story - OfferUp Barr OutI have a stalker, actually several hundred.

They are not normal, it seems like.

December 14, 2020 I’m shopping online, I see some law books. I’m keen on learning, just as I was when I was King of England so I checked the books out.

I message the seller and we come to a break in communication. As I move onto other stuff, Drudge Report main headline changes, BARR OUT.

And no, I am not Q and my OfferUp shopping is not a secretive consultation for the President or anyone else.

Ok, More Soon, I have a plan.

This website will be updated not because people like me and will get my artistic expression but because I have a truthful part of hidden history which is actually just history.

Part 2: Follow-Up, Media Attraction

Series: Crazy Weird Stuff

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