Bending Reality TV Dream Manipulation
By: Michael Stephens
Published: June 30, 2021

Right before the Clinton Bribery Scandal I experienced dream manipulation. I understand this can also be spiritual attack but this dream was different. What I experienced in 2010 while in Manhattan Beach, California was different because it was a manipulation of a personal goal I had through a dream. A woman I don’t actually know was in the dream and presented herself as part of the achievement of my goal. Beyond that, the dream had a distinctly different feeling and energy I didn’t recognize.

I recognized the person in the dream because I had seen her in person. I had originally seen the woman at 24 Hour Fitness (Manhattan Beach, CA). I was on the treadmill in the back and she walked in and looked at me and smirked. While she was attractive I didn’t think much of it because my intuition was on alert. As she walked closer my intuition was not only telling me she was as spy but would walk to a treadmill near me.

Besides getting the feeling she was a spy I also got the feeling of the agency she worked for which was the DIA, Defense Intelligence Agency.

The interesting thing about her was not only how she smirked but she did something I imagine spies must do. She never looked up, always wore a hat as to not reveal her face to the security cameras, impossible at that gym.

I believe dream manipulation is something that the military and intelligence agencies are very into. They call it Psi-Tech.


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