Bending Reality TV End Times Dream
By: Michael Stephens
Published: May 02, 2021
Updated: January 04, 2024
Updated: October 11, 2022
Updated: August 19, 2022
Updated: June 01, 2021

Disclaimer: This article contains information spiritually discerned, speculation, conspiracy theory and dream interpretation. It is expressed through guaranteed constitutional rights of both the State of Nevada and United States of America.

Proof that you are a narcissist or a parasite may be you listening to private conversations in my home and thinking I am talking to you or secretly advising you.

Proof that you are criminally insane is running your government, agencies or military based on my private conversations. I am not secretly advising you through my Internet viewing, phone calls or conversations in my home. I actually believe in Constitutional rights and have not relieved mine.

If you have infringed on mine for any reason or have shown a record lacking ethics I am not with you no matter who you are. I am not a spy, I have not committed treason, and I don’t work for, consult with or act with any country government or military agency including the US.

I’m just some guy so if you think otherwise you got it wrong.

Before the Dream
I’m in the kitchen and washing dishes. Another family member is watching TV. I had already discovered someone put a listening device in the TV. I’m annoyed by it but I am also worried about tampering with it because of the time the military surrounded me at the film festival but also the many other threats.

I’m washing dishes and it keeps coming to me tell the story about the time I was flying home from Germany and met this couple. I didn’t want to but I finally relented and told the story.

In 1999 I was flying home to LA from Germany. Next to me was this nice couple flying home from Israel. The Lady starts telling about how brilliant her boyfriend Bryan is. She’s telling me how impressed the Rabbis are because he assimilates his studies in the Torah so quickly. I don’t think much other than they look happy and they are nice. Bryan’s Forex company later gets shut down by the FBI for fraud.

Anyway I tell the basics of that story one evening in 2019 to a family member. The next thing you know I notice Jared Kushner rushes off out of the country.

Was he, President Trump, that administration, that military listening to any my private conversations? ASK THEM? Have they made any government or military decisions based on the unconstitutional and unethical invasion of my privacy? If so, why would they do that?

I am not secretly advising anyone indirectly. I am not intentionally making videos so long or using any other number scheme to signal or convey meaning. I actually understand the science of numbers and still snore at the profound nothingness of life in The Matrix. I’ve sat through the many hours and hours of Rabbi’s talking about gematria and still wasn’t impressed.

The Dream
I had this dream in 2019. I understood it to be an offshoot of the energy of my Germany story and those who may have ran with political action based on them listening to that private conversation(s) in my home.

In the dream 2 men with guns were trying to steal from me and two family members. They take my gun and I go up in a car which is in the air. I then drop the car on one of them which kills them. The other runs away in fear.

At first I thought this was President Trump and Jared Kushner and now I am starting to realize it as an End Times Dream. One of the robbers is Donald Trump but the other is not only another president but a whole group of people.

You may look at the car in the dream as “The Cloud” and my gun as me being able to speak freely. You may not think of that as a big deal but I am witness to a lot at this point and there has been a huge effort and constant implied threat to try to suppress my speech.

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