Bending Reality TV World Peace and the End of War - David's Vision
Posted By: Michael Stephens
Date: November 02, 2021

Meeting David and Creating World Peace

I met David in 2010 at the Conscious Life Expo.

Michael Stephens: What’s your vision of what world peace is?
David: My vision of world peace is first of all that there stops being war. And second of all, that people’s consciousness really transforms. Transforms so there’s much love towards your neighbor. It’s not really that hard. In fact, since I’ve had a couple of children I’ve realized that if everybody would just treat everybody else like their kids and love them like they love their kids we wouldn’t have any problems in the world. So that to me is what world peace is. When everybody is loving each other and getting along and their conscious enough so they stop having such disharmony in themselves. And thus they will stop having disharmony in all their relationships.

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