Bending Reality TV AC/DC Drummer Chris Slade On Being Vegetarian and Not Doing Drugs
Posted By: Michael Stephens
Original Video Release: November 19, 2022
Bending Reality Published: November 20, 2022

AC/DC drummer Chris Slade talks to Lisa about being vegetarian and not doing drugs.

Chris Slade: Hello, this is Chris Slade. Drummer from AC/DC and you're watching Bending Reality TV.

Lisa: How do you plan to blend the two, your music and your spirituality if and you already do how's that?

Chris Slade: I always have. As i said, I was meditating, I was a vegetarian. I didn't drink or smoke through the seventy's. I've never done drugs of any kind. I have done alcohol and still do occasionally. So blending the two is not a problem as I've said before It's all energy, everything is energy our bodies are energy, music is energy, the world is energy.

Host: Lisa
Location: World Cafe
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