Bending Reality TV Don’t Talk to Strangers
By: Michael Stephens
Posted: September 26, 2021

One night my mother and I went out gambling at Aliante Casino and when we left a stranger got in the elevator with us. I immediately got a vibe to watch him carefully so I did. We park in the VIP so I pressed the button and watched to see what he would do. He did nothing until he saw me push the button.

I got the vibe I was being hunted.

We got out on 2 and I walked in front of my mother and the stranger. I turned around and said something; the stranger immediately looked panicked and absconded.

If you find a stranger is making an effort to get near to talk and you get a bad vibe start moving away or pull out your mace and give warning. You can also plan in advance on getting photographic evidence.

My mother and I got to see Rick perform in Primm. He was excellent!

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