Bending Reality TV Michael Stephens Counseling Style and Psychic Ability
By: Michael Stephens
Original Video Release: April 08, 2013
Bending Reality Published: June 20, 2021

I decided to post some videos of my psychic work. I know to some people that word has a bad connotation but really it’s just another way to describe intuition or awareness. Of course there is bad side to it if you don’t understand the dangerous aspects of it. I would under no circumstances ever advise someone to get involved with remote viewing or to consult with familiar spirits. It is not necessary and will likely eventually ruin your life.

For me intuition was not so much a natural gift but a choice to become more aware.

My sensitivity can be truly astounding and quite often hard to believe.

I’ve been taking breaks from the Internet and today when I got back on a video caught my attention so I watched it.

It was the Alex Jones June 19, 2021 Saturday Broadcast. While I am not a fan of a couple of the episodes guests I sat through them to see the overall message and to see what Dr. Steve Pieczenik would say.

I not only found it fascinating to see after publishing my “Failed US Coup” prediction just a few days prior but I also felt a very strong reaction to those that have to view it with me.

In this video Steve G. Jones describes his experience after I was intuitively counseling him while filming. This is not an endorsement of the individual.

Steve G. Jones:

Series: Psychic + Michael Stephens Work

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