Bending Reality TV Sefer Yetzirah and Lunations
By: Michael Stephens
Date: December 21, 2021

Sefer Yetzirah and Lunations
When I lived across the street from Beverly Hills I was involved in spiritual study and I also hung out with Jeff the astrologer.

In that same period I would attend synagogue and watched the acknowledgements of new moons. Jeff would also get into the philosophy and timing of lunations. I never was quite that interested in the topic.

One evening we went to pick up some take out. While Jeff was in the restaurant I laid back and looked though his sunroof.

While I was relaxing the evening sky spoke to me and it said, “We’re here to help you”.

In the last few days I started thinking about that night again, it happened over a decade ago and I never understood what it meant until now.

About Todays Play
During the same time G-d kept telling me to go to some place called Agape so I could see what joy looked like.

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