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O: Oiscreepy Loves Pain Games
By: Michael Stephens
Published: November 02, 2022

Oiscreepy Loves Pain Games

What’s the plan today?

Oiscreepy’s plan is to take you on a rollercoaster of pain. The head of Skank is waiting to see if the sex magic worked. Oh yeah, Oiscreepy is into sex magic.

If the head of Skank is convinced Oiscreepy has used magic to get someone to do something they might normally do every day with or without his sex magic the head of skank will bring more pain for you, your family and the nation.

For Oiscreepy the pain you suffer paying more for food or housing doesn’t matter. What matters to him is how good he feels being a leader of evil and convincing others to do evil playing along with his games.

He is the embodiment of evil and a threat to all human life.

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