Bending Reality TV The Bitcoin Jingle By Tatiana Moroz
Las Vegas Blockchain Event
By: Michael Stephens
Original Video Release: June 28 2019
Bending Reality Published: April 17, 2021

I filmed this footage and much more at the Las Vegas Blockchain Event. I am figuring out what to do with all the hours of footage since I don’t totally trust cryptocurrency. Very simple things like a power grid failure could render your cryptocurrency valueless.

Another thing I heard recently on a Brendon O’connell video is Israel can hack and steal your Bitcoin wallet. Not sure if that is true but based on what I’ve seen in the last couple of years being hacked is that it seems like anything can be accessed and compromised, even your non Smart TV.

Before leaving to film the event I hid a new security camera I had bought. I just wanted to test it out. When I got back I was quite shocked to see that someone had broken into my home office and tampered with the camera. For some reason they targeted my new camera and not the others that show them on the property and tampering with the camera. After seeing how they deleted the clips of them breaking in I had to factor out cameras that use clip recordings for security.

Back to the story, Bitcoin has gone up huge since filming the event. I tried to get the participants to send Bitcoin so I could learn how it works but none participated. I even put up the Bitcoin links on this website like others do then took them down when after years still not receiving any. I’ll put them back up and give it another try on this page. If I can test it out and like it I will release more footage on Cryptocurrency and the Las Vegas Blockchain Event.

BCH: qppdjcq5ysgfuzmq45k57fg8dvmrq2w82sv7qxz6me

Event: Las Vegas Blockchain Event

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