Bending Reality TV DJ Ashba LVMPD Proposal Scandal Interview
By: Michael Stephens
Original Video Release: Aug 26, 2013
Bending Reality Published: June 14, 2021

I’ve been looking at my unreleased footage lately and it’s amazing how much footage I’ve collected over the years. Sometimes I am a little paranoid I didn’t get enough. Seems like I’ve spent years finding new ways to film things. Just last week I even captured footage of someone shooting explosives into the sky in front of our home.

This is from my first interview with DJ Ashba at the 2013 Vegas Rock Awards and right after his LVMPD (Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department) helicopter proposal scandal.

Michael Stephens: So what's the secret to having your own Las Vegas scandal?
DJ Ashba: Fall in love.

Event: 2013 Vegas Rock Awards
Location: Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel

Series: Las Vegas - Celebrity Interviews - Interviews

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