Bending Reality TV Meet The CIA's Number 1 Drug Dealer, Rick Ross
Source: Infowars, Press for Truth, Movieclips Indie
Bending Reality Published: May 01, 2021


Did the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) attempt a Black Genocide in South Central LA with drugs while funding foreign Wars?

“We know the CIA confirms Gary’s story”. – Rick Ross

“My informant was a CIA operative. He was selling cocaine. With the permission of the CIA.” – Rick Ross

Series: Documenting the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)

TAGS: Infowars, Alex Jones, Rick Ross, South Central LA, Crack, Cocaine, Drugs, Drug History, Government, CIA, Gary Webb, Drug Dealing, Drug Trafficking, CIA Crimes, CIA Drugs, Iran Contra, Nicaragua, Police Corruption, LA Times CIA, History, Press for Truth, Anarchapulco, Cannibis, Canada, Truth

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