Bending Reality TV Trump Indictment / Mass Murder
By: Michael Stephens
Bending Reality Published: April 20, 2021

The indictment of the former president, Donald John Trump would go like this.

"It goes through air Bob. That's always tougher than the touch. You know, the touch, you don't have to touch things. Right? But the air, you just breathe the air and that's how it's passed" - President Donald Trump

Did President Trump and his cabal in an attempt to overthrow the American Republic lace the air through the aerosol spraying program with Sars/Covid and/or any other harmful substances?

And if so was “The Plan” to take control in the chaos of so many being sick? Did his planned coup fail because not enough became sick and if so what numbers did the military and its planners attempt to get sick through the aerosol spraying program?

Through the admission of President Trump a protocol of air testing and much more should have been done to investigate not only the source of the Covid outbreak but the continual spread.

In my opinion President Trump committed mass murder through his lack of action after he declared an airborne pandemic. If necessary I will file a lawsuit against the former president for among many other things attempted murder.

Series: President Trump Indictment

TAGS: President Trump, Trump Indictment, Treason, Genocide, Mass Murder, America, Covid, Sars, Chemtrails, Aerosol Spraying,

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