Bending Reality TV Alex Jones the Parasite and a Dream (Part 1)
By: Michael Stephens  
October 28, 2021

Disclaimer: I am not in the military but have been physically threatened by them in person at a Las Vegas Film Awards after party. And unlike other media personalities such as Alex Jones and Mike Adams, I do not receive intelligence or briefings from anyone in the military or government.

Last night I had a dream and I thought it had nothing to do with me. Quite often I get feeling I am getting dreams of others that are obsessed with me or that there is some dream manipulation going on.

I studied both psychology and parapsychology with the great Dr. Elior Kinarthy who taught me approaches to dream interpretation and since have had to come up with new tools to interpret ones that do not fit in the categories I learned from him and others.

Sometimes, such as today a dream that is obscured with a lack of clarity reveals itself.

In my dream there was a hand held rocket launch that successfully hit the target. After that I saw the army notice then I heard “here comes the army.”

So I woke up thinking that was weird and has nothing to with me and started doing my morning routine.

This morning I was continuing my more than decade long research into King Louis XV of France. I was specifically looking into the orders behind his Coat of Arms and Montjoie Saint Denis!. No big deal, it’s not like I expect anyone to care or have someone sitting over my shoulder watching what I look at on the Internet.

After about an hour of research I see it is 9am and decide see what Alex Jones is going to talk about. Within the first 15 minutes he goes into a rant about how terrible the globalists are and how they are binging a new kind of war. This is sort normal for him until he does something strange and recites my trademark, “BLURRING THE LINES BETWEEN REALITY AND IMAGINATION” after as if it is related. Why would he do that?

He made and exact quote of my trademark without any mention where it comes form. Again, I get no briefings from anyone, nor do I give them. I have no access to anyone’s internet connection history, past or present.

After he did that, I double checked confirmed then switched my research into him. After a bit I decided to send an email and within minutes a military helicopter buzzed my house, 10:10am North Las Vegas time.

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